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Frequently Asked Questions From Nervous Brides

Q:  What if we want to meet with you before we book?                                                                                  

A:  That's not a problem at all.  I have a presentation that includes a video so you get a better idea of what I do.  My bride's and grooms have become more and more busy over the years which is why I've tried to make my web site more helpful for the decision making and planning process.

Q:  May we come to see you perform at a reception?                                                                           

A:  Absolutely not.  Sorry but you wouldn't want wedding crashers at your reception either which is why I have the client testimonial page for references.


Q:  How do we secure the date?                                                                                                                     

A:  It's as easy as printing the Contract and mailing or faxing it in.  If you fax the contract just follow-up in the mail with the deposit.

Q: How much time do you need to set up?                                                                                                      

A: About 1 hour depending on the hall.  I like to start setting up about 2 hours prior so that there are no surprises.                                                                

Q:  Do you need to get into the hall the night before to set up?                                                                         

A:  No.  I get to the hall about 2 hours before the start time, which leaves plenty of time. I can get there earlier if you wish.                                                                 

Q:  What information do you need from us?                                                                                                    

A:  As much information and planning time as you feel is needed to meet or exceed your expectations and goals.  I can help you plan the entire reception and I have the private client planning page for helping my clients with their planning as soon as they come on board.

Q:  How does the evening flow?                                                                                                                   

A:  The evening is up to you!  Once you decide to get on my calendar we start the process immediately by emailing the private link to the planning page.  You just tell me your Dreams and I'll make them happen.

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