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What is Private Client Services

Once you are a client, you will be given a special web address to go to Private Client Services.  This is the only web based reception planning tool customized between myself and my clients.  This is not a cookie cutter program but rather 23 years of experience that works.  My clients get instant confirmation of all of their choices just as those details are sent to me.  I then follow-up to make sure everything is clear before the plans are final.

Lazer Jam Productions' Private Client Services will help guide you through the tough decisions by outlining all of your options as well as allowing you to actually hear song suggestions.  This is only available from Lazer Jam Productions and for Clients only. 

Through the client only web site you will have the ability to plan your reception from anywhere 24 hours a day.  Once you have gone through this process it will only take a few minutes to meet with me to put together the final touches on the blueprint for you reception. 

There is no better way for my brides and grooms to leverage my 23 years of wedding experience and makes the best use of their busy schedules.  I have watched this industry evolve into dual working couples with less and less time and higher expectations of what their entertainment should be responsible for.

I feel that my core focuses are Producer, Director and Entertainer and that's what you should expect from the best.

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