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Chris Adams founded Lazer Jam Production over a quarter of a century ago.  He created a no fail process of making the reception more than just a gathering of friends and family that followed the ceremony.  The goal was to make it an all inclusive celebration of the Bride and Groom.  A process that he and his good friend, Keith Chapman of Infinity Mobile Sound & Light perfected. They found themselves sharing these ideas with reception entertainers all over the local area as well as Chicago, Arizona and many other areas of the country.   This process lead to the ability to duplicate the experience that he has given to thousands of clients.  Chris has transitioned this process and ownership of Lazer Jam Productions to his friend Mike Sites who has been working with him through this transition.  Mike will now keep the almost 3 decades of tradition that is planning and coordinating the most successful celebrations by bridging all of the reception professionals into one common goal:  The most organized fun your family and guests have ever experienced.



5915 Wacker Dr., Stevensville, MI. 49127-8648

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